The Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) is an association of accredited Ontario Industrial Designers, formed to develop and promote the Industrial Design profession within the province. ACIDO also facilitates interaction within the industrial design community and with other professions.

Since 1948 ACIDO has been the official voice of industrial design in Ontario, and since 1984 it has carried a mandate from the Government of Ontario to support the objectives of our profession and qualify its practitioners. Given that position, the work of ACIDO supports the strategic brand positioning of the industrial design profession in Ontario.

Our province has excellent design education infrastructure, and we have a history of producing more than our share of talented, capable designers. With established programs at OCAD, Humber Institute and Carleton University are graduating a strong cohort of Industrial Designers every year that feed and complement an expanding discipline. That discipline needs a community at its centre, not only for its own interaction but for the exchange of ideas, best practices and the advancement of the values we share. Such a community also holds the promise of critical mass which is instrumental in the building of more significant relationships with clients and employers, the creation of stronger ties between Industrial Designers and professionals in collaborating disciplines, and the establishment of connections with policymakers at all levels of government. We can ensure professional development and growth opportunities for the industrial design workforce by investing in building a stronger community for ourselves.

Through its various program initiatives, ACIDO strives to:

– build awareness of, and respect for, the practice

– create community, interaction and exchange possibilities

– establish linkages and partnerships

– support opportunities for students, recent graduates and professionals alike

– identify research collaborations and build a design-specific body of knowledge

-champion the industrial design profession