Industrial Design plays a crucial role in our daily lives and affects almost everything we see and touch and experience. And because our experience with our built environment is so closely coupled to the quality of our lives, industrial design also has a starring role to play in the economic, social and environmental well being of our communities and our nation.

Teamwork plays an important role in the profession of industrial design. Designers work cross functionally with marketing, engineering, manufacturing specialists and professionals in other relevant disciplines that must come together to innovate the business.

Still a relatively young profession, industrial design has become most readily associated with the creation of artifacts or end products and is known to contribute greatly to profitable manufacturing and export success. The industrial design process is equally adept at addressing larger issues such as our aging population, infection control, safety and security in urban environments, and ongoing enhancements to every facet of everyday life. It is a collaborative process that is both tactical and strategic.



Chair by Lee Fletcher

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