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Our purpose is ‘To Create Better Human Experiences”. That brand promise manifests itself through every element of Cortex Design. As an award-winning ISO 13485 design and engineering firm established in 1999, we focus on how the products we develop advance the human experience for all.

Clients engage us when they need a flexible, responsive team to support and / or augment their internal resources. While we have the formality of our QMS and internal processes to deliver for some of the biggest clients in the world, our Design for Commercialization™ methodology is creative and agile in nature. As a result, our team has the ability to meet a client where and how they need and want to engage.

Areas of Expertise include; Stakeholder Engagement, User Experience, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Hardware & PCB Design, Embedded Firmware, Quality & Regulatory Services, Regulatory, Safety & Functional Product Testing and Assembly & Production Management.

We design and manufacture traditional and technology-based educational teaching aids for early childhood, PreK and primary grades. We are an innovative leader in our industry with our line of award winning teaching easels and mobile ed-tech solutions. Our team of Industrial Designers, along with our Idea Lab Educator Advisory Team, research, develop, test and fine-tune every product before going to market. Aside from our products, Copernicans care for the environment and protecting it is one of our core values. In 2018 we formalized our commitment to people, planet and profit when we became a B-Corp and we are learning how we can better use business as a force for good. We’ve purchased and protected over 1430 acres of land with conservation agreements, to preserve these spaces for future generations. Now, we’re on a mission to go carbon-neutral, and reduce our product carbon emissions by a minimum of 50%.

designforce infuses objects with desire, meaning and purpose.

We listen, ask the right questions and deliver exciting solutions.

Entro uses design to connect people to place. Our practice is built on an avant-garde design philosophy grounded by the science of human interactions and the belief that everyday experiences should be inspirational. We call on design to fuel a dialogue between users and the spaces they inhabit – from hospitals and transit hubs to museums, arts facilities, corporate and educational campuses, and throughout cities. Our work gives places identity and meaning; it makes complex places navigable; it reveals the history behind new places. We create design that is both practical and beautiful, and we look ahead to the future, anticipating trends and developments. We believe graphics and media can be used to enhance spaces, guide visitors in an intuitive way, create a powerful sense of place and have a profound effect on the way we connect with places in our everyday life. Our interdisciplinary team brings together expertise in fields spanning art to neuroscience. We offer design services in branding, wayfinding, signage, environmental graphics, exhibit design, and media architecture.

Eventscape is an award-winning architectural fabrication company that works with the latest technologies, machinery and materials — wood, metal, glass, solid surface, textiles — to create custom features. The diverse multidisciplinary team collaborates on your design vision from start-to-finish, using any material, at any scale or complexity to build the extraordinary. Eventscape has a passion for design that excels, their world-class digital technology and equipment and the turnkey service they provide will turn your vision into reality.

The Eventscape facility consists of three buildings in Toronto totalling 130,000 square feet and a 20,000 square foot studio in New York City. Visit Eventscape.com or our social media platforms for more information.

In 1994, HealthCraft Products was co-founded by a medical retailer, an occupational therapist, and a design engineer. They brought their three disciplines together to create innovative fall prevention products for the home.

HealthCraft Group exists because preventing falls demands more than just great products. We need to change the conversation around fall prevention, because it affects us all.

For over 25 years, our products have won awards and helped over 1 million people stay safe and independent in their homes—but in spite of this, aging, accessibility, and fall prevention still carry a tremendous amount of stigma.

Inertia partners with product innovators to transform their dreams into thriving businesses. We’re a seamlessly integrated team of product design, engineering, and manufacturing experts, driven by results and obsessed with quality and customer service. We’re based out of Toronto, Ontario and are ranked as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Canada for the last four years!

Inertia collaborates with clients across a variety of industries – from medical devices to sports wearables, AgTech solutions to internet connected devices. Our customers share the drive to develop innovative products and recognize the value and capacity of Inertia to help them bring their ideas to reality, and into customers’ hands.

Creating product innovations that develop, grow and transform businesses is more than solving technical problems and delivering design, engineering, and manufacturing services. You need a truly holistic approach to product development to make sure you’re solving the right problems, in the right market, for the right customer, with the right product.

For us, this has meant evolving to become more than engineering services firm, rapid prototype shop, industrial designers, or a manufacturing services company, or an innovation consultancy for that matter. We’re all of these things. And what makes working with us different to virtually all of our competitors is that we deliver these services seamlessly, under one roof as a fully integrated product development experience

Learn more about our work at www.inertiapd.com

Inertia. We realize the new.


modus ID is a design and product development firm specializing in the contract furniture industry. We utilize a human centred, market driven, client-specific approach. We engage in face-to-face dialogue with the people who: make, procure, install, maintain and live with the furniture, to realize unmet needs.

The team’s specialized systems manufacturing expertise and deep market understanding result in uniquely versatile and cost-effective solutions, which respond to, and advance the changing: workplace, education, healthcare and residential furniture environments.



SHEPP Industrial Design is a Toronto-based product design, engineering and manufacturing consultancy. We provide innovative companies research, design, development and manufacturing expertise to establish, maintain and evolve their product lines.

We specialize in hi-tech, med-tech, safety, consumer and electronic devices, with a focus on the development of products that create a positive impact and make the world a better place.

With a proven track record of successful product launches, we provide responsive, flexible and tailored collaboration solutions to enable our clients to efficiently bring quality products to life.

Beyond technically challenging designs, clients enlist SHEPPiD for strategies to develop entire product line architecture. Product families, common platforms and modular designs help our clients stay competitive by reducing costs and advancing consistency along the entire value chain of a company.

Our design philosophy is simple: form follows function. A good design makes a product easy to use and human-centered experience, user workflow and ergonomics are the baseline of all SHEPPiD design, product development and engineering services.

Our team is dedicated to exceptional client service, ensuring we fully understand and incorporate your business goals into every stage of the design process.

Swave Studios is a Toronto based design and innovations consultancy. We work with a range of clients from early phase start-ups to large companies looking to find the next innovative product. Swave uses the process of design to define and build unique and valuable brands. products and experiences. We can take projects from the research phase all the way to production.

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