ACIDO is an association of accredited Industrial Designers in Ontario formed to develop and promote the profession. The discipline needs a community at its centre to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices, the advancement of our shared values and growth opportunities for the Industrial Design workforce.

Objectives of the Association include:

ACIDO Membership

Services with Accreditation.

ACIDO’s membership structure offers career-long benefits to designers at every stage of their personal development. To see a comparative listing of benefits, please see below.

Membership tiers, eligibility and membership benefits are currently under review. Enter email below to hear when registration reopens.

Students enrolled in any one of Ontario’s four schools of Industrial design are immediately eligible for Student membership at no cost. The top fourth-year students from each school’s graduating class are invited to participate in Rocket to show their thesis work and compete for recognition and prizes.

Every student who graduates from an Ontario ID program is immediately eligible for Associate membership with or without Mentoring by an accredited ACIDO Professional.

Professional status (which affords the letters ACIDO) may be attained once Associates have acquired sufficient experience to warrant accreditation by their peers.

But it doesn’t end there. Life memberships are awarded to retired Professionals who have ended their working careers but wish to remain connected to the design community. Fellow status is awarded to Life members who are deemed to have made particularly outstanding contributions to the profession over the course of their career. Professionals located outside Canada are welcome to participate as International members but must first be recognized by their home country’s design association.

The Industrial Design community includes a wide range of stakeholders who support Industrial Designers’ work through ethnographic design research, materials supply, prototyping, tooling and production processes, or through marketing support such as graphic and brand design, imaging and promotional activities. ACIDO offers the Affiliate membership category to these individuals and businesses.

ACIDO is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity within the community where all members, whatever their race, colour, creed, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, family status, age, language or national origin, education or disability, feels valued and respected. We respect and value diverse life experiences and heritages and ensure that all voices are valued and heard.

Accreditation and service benefits for each category are outlined below. For more detailed information on membership criteria please refer to our By-Laws or contact us using the form below

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Recognizing Excellence

Community + Recognition

2022 marks the 20th year ACIDO has held the Rocket Awards bringing together top graduates from each of Ontario’s Industrial Design programs. Stay tuned for events all year long to facilitate networking and professional development opportunities. Whether through our Speaker Series, ID Express Meet-Ups, Student Portfolio Reviews, and opportunities to take part in shaping the organization through available board positions.

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Fostering Exchange

Mentorship Program

There’s no substitute for the one-on-one, ongoing support a mentor can provide for new graduates making the leap from studying to working. That’s why ACIDO matches our Associate members with a Professional member who can help them expand their skills and competencies, as well as assist in charting their career trajectory and finding a foothold in the industry. We believe the value mentorship provides is a two-way street, creating essential exchange between designers at various stages of their careers.