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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

AVI: Activities for Visually Impaired Children

Physical activity in an average child’s development and daily routine is important for their physical and mental growth. It is no less so for children with impaired vision. This demographic isn’t getting enough active play due to a lack of resources and tools to encourage them to stay active. Often sitting these activities out, visually impaired children eventually lose their confidence and develop anxiety participating in active games. With new emerging technologies, how could current concepts be improved and catered towards physical activity and education to encourage these children to be more active with their sighted and non-sighted peers? AVI allows for more inclusive active play to be adopted into “mainstream” school curriculums and at home to encourage visually impaired children to feel more confident in participating with their peers.




About the Designer

Charlotte Watkins, Humber

Hi, I’m Charlotte Watkins. My passion for fine art and love for building brought me to pursue Industrial Design as a career. Industrial Design has allowed me to appreciate the process of design, the value of research, and how they influence my design decisions. I am looking forward to further developing my skills as a designer and aim to create products that bring joy to others.