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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Amazon Prime App: Redefining user behaviour through a one-stop shop for all things goods and services

“After an analysis on Amazon and their user base, I noticed a disparity in usage between the Prime services (Marketplace, Prime Video and Amazon Music). This meant that users were not making full use of their subscription and Amazon weren’t capitalizing as much as they could from their offering.
This led me on a goal of polishing the UI design, unifying the service into one singular app, while further branching out on features and capabilities central to user needs, market trends, emerging tech, etc. Essentially designing an ecosystem of services directed at a better, more personal experience.”

About the Designer

Glen Yausep, Amazon Prime App

Hey there, I’m Glen! A UX/UI designer whose design practice and principles are deeply influenced by a holistic background in Industrial Design and business. Said design processes include corporate research and analysis, user interviews and testing, visual design and brand language, concept evaluation, etc.