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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

ArootZ: Transforming the Future of Tree Planting

The United Nations Global Climate Action plan along with the World Economic Forum’s One Trillion Trees campaign are focused on reducing the effects of global warming. As part of the solution to restore biodiversity and fight climate change, tree planting is a nature based solution that increases global levels of oxygen while simultaneously reducing harmful carbon dioxide levels.

The ArootZ Tree Planting System is a fully sustainable solution towards “mass-scale nature restoration”. (World Economic Forum, 2020) ArootZ mitigates the problems of reforestation and solves the multiple challenges related to growing and transporting seedlings, to tracking re-populated forests while also decreasing the high rate of injuries tree planters endure due to poorly designed tree planting harnesses.

From tree harvesting to reforestation, the ArootZ Tree Planting System provides a full cycle solution for a globally greener future.

About the Designer


Cristian Loria, Humber College

I am an Industrial Designer who is inspired by nature to create innovative and functional apparel and products that benefit how humans interact in their environments. Continuously exploring impactful solutions that balance aesthetics, technology and sustainability.