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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Outside of new healthcare facilities who have budgets for large design firms to organize optimal spaces, private clinic owners and small hospital department staff might not have the resources to hire a design or consulting agency to advise on the creation of an ideal patient waiting room experience. There is an opportunity for strategic design platform that combines a resilient product ecology with an accessible, user led co-design based methodology.

Atessa is a specialized branch of the furniture manufacturer Keilhauer, which combines a line of medical design furniture with a DIY service design facilitation kit.
The merging of accessible furniture with the tools to implement it effectively empowers hospital staff or independent clinic owners with the resources to solve design problems on their own, and ultimately, to use Atessa products to create a human-centered waiting room experience for patients as well as staff stakeholders.

The key drivers of the patient-centric Atessa line are Accessible, Modern, Sleek, Hygienic and Customizable.


About the Designer

Claire Hamilton

Claire Hamilton is a Toronto based product designer with an interest in pragmatic design interruptions in everyday life. She has experience in furniture, exhibition and service design in the healthcare and loves working with bright colours and unconventional materials.