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Shepp ID Health & Wellness Award


Approximately twenty-five percent of North America’s population experiences incontinence, whether it’s a temporary or ongoing problem. Since the majority of these people are women, the goal is to provide a sustainable solution that allows the user to go about their day without the stress existing disposable products impart. By creating a product that looks and feels like a regular underwear brief while under clothing the working woman can continue her day without her incontinence being noticed by those around her. If a leakage does occur the reusable pad, which is inserted into the brief’s interior folding system, will absorb the urine. The user can then replace the soiled pad, placing it into a washable pouch lined with absorbent fabric that prevents leakage in transport. This solution aims to provide a sustainable and appealing solution for the gap in the incontinence industry – a solution that benefits women and all stakeholders.


About the Designer  

Samantha Van Veen, OCAD University

Samantha Van Veen is an OCAD University graduate with particular interest in bringing about sustainable solutions. With a passion for research and design she is always looking for new paths to explore.