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Sense – Dating Beyond Vision: Leveraging the needs of people with visual impairments when dating

As the use of mobile apps are a part of our everyday living, they are also widely inaccessible to users with disabilities. This has left large groups of people excluded from many of the benefits able-bodied people have full access to.

This inaccessibility is particularly evident in dating apps.

Today’s mainstream dating apps are immensely focused on visuals as well as incompatible with assistive technology, which essentially makes them useless to blind users. Despite high isolation rates amongst people with disabilities and a decrease in marriage rates, people with visual impairments are still excluded from the most common way couples meet in 2022.

Sense is a dating app that leverages the wants and needs of people with visual impairments when dating, in hopes of creating a more inclusive space.


About the Designer

Madeleine Simmons Wallin, OCAD University

With an interest in user experience design, Madeleine aims to find ways to simplify complex solutions. She seeks unanswered questions, and opportunities for innovation – and fun.