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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Desk for Remote Workers: Desk Furniture

Trends towards working from home paired with increasing amounts of people living in dense and shared spaces means more and more people are resorting to their bedroom to double as an office. Being able to see their work after hours can lead to working longer days which blurs the lines between time spent working and relaxing. This desk was designed for remote workers to facilitate productive working by creating a flexible workspace that can be hidden when not in use and seamlessly fits into the home environment.

About the Designer

Rodney Wright, Carleton University

Growing up on a farm south of Ottawa, Rodney spent many hours working on projects with his father where he developed a desire for creative problem solving. The mentality of having to get something done with the budget, materials and tools they had on hand, coupled with the skills they possessed, has influenced his style and work ethic as a designer. Building upon this foundation, industrial design has taught him a new set of skills to learn, understand, and design for complex problems.