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Evaluer: Revolutionizing Football Medical Examinations: Accurate Assessments, Efficient Rehabilitation, and Improved Performance with Evaluer.

Lack of standardization in football medical examinations poses a challenge for accurately assessing players’ fitness levels and determining rehabilitation time. Current testing process involves using 8 different machines and some tests on the field, making it time-consuming and difficult to connect data points. This can lead to players returning to the field too early or too late, impacting performance and causing potential long-term injuries. To address these challenges, a systematized data tracking process is needed to provide accurate information to trainers and physiotherapists for informed decision making. Evaluer provides a one-stop solution that assesses, tracks, and trains players. It offers rehab, testing, and training facilities that provide live feedback, making it engaging for the player. The design saves time and resources by consolidating the testing process into two machines.


About the Designer

Ricky Saluja, Humber

Continuous growth is an essential part of my professional and personal philosophy. I believe that there is always room for improvement and learning, and I’m committed to constantly pushing myself to be better. I enjoy exploring new subjects, gaining new skills, and taking on new challenges as a way to expand my knowledge and experience.