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Cortex Design User Experience Award

Fly Safe: A design system for COVID-19 air travel

Fly Safe integrates a mobile application, passenger care kit, and in-flight services to restore confidence in air travel during COVID-19. The interoperable app involves industry partners to provide passengers with relevant information on travel regulations, flight changes, and health tips before flying. On board, the app continues to work alongside in-flight messages, complimentary care kits, and meal staggering procedures to guide behaviours that limit the transmission of pathogens. By working as one system across the travel journey, Fly Safe reassures passengers of their safety, while managing expectations and reducing cognitive loads.

About the Designer

Mandy Hui, Carleton University

Mandy Hui is an industrial designer with experience in product design, service design, graphics, and UX. Propelled by a passion for solving complex problems, her strengths lie in using research and participatory design to develop thoughtful, human-centered solutions.