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Eventscape Prototyping Award

HORIZON: Enhanced Sleeper Semi-Truck

The long-haul truck transportation industry is a crucial part of the global economy, providing essential goods to consumers in every country and locale around the world. Moving cargo and goods by truck requires driver operators to spend days or weeks on the road at a time. Current sleeper semi-trucks lack the ergonomic support and proper amenities needed for drivers to live healthily, which in turn results in very high turnover rates and high retraining costs across the industry. HORIZON is an enhanced sleeper semi-truck that uses electric vehicle technology to expand the interior and create a more livable environment for long-haul truck drivers. HORIZON allows drivers to be more self-sufficient and promotes a healthy/active lifestyle while on the road. This will improve the quality of life and job performance of long-haul drivers, and help the trucking industry retain more drivers.

About the Designer

Stephen Bykowy, Humber College

I am an industrial designer and creative nerd whose mind is constantly running and thinking of new ideas and projects. I like collaborating with others to push technological limits and design new and unique user experiences.