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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Halo: Vision Care System

“Low income communities in remote and rural areas are not able to receive regular vision care. There is not often enough demand to open a facility in the community and the closest facilities may be a flight away. Combined with busy jobs and a tight schedule, users may neglect vision care entirely. The consequences are that users may suffer chronic diseases which worsen without treatment, a general decrease in productivity, and a general lower quality of life.

Halo looks to create a viable business in realizing the untapped demand in low income remote communities by combining the demand in multiple communities and serving them through on-call optometrists. Its vision care booths are placed in regularly trafficked areas like malls and community centers for easy access. These booths are available for drop-in eye exam using built in equipment and are remotely controlled by optometrists from specially designed digital kiosks. After an eye exam, Halo can then produce prescription eye glasses within the booth. The entire process from exam to glasses can occur within the same day.”


About the Designer

Justin Ho, Humber

I am a designer dedicated to making creative and practical solutions to improve the quality of life of users. I enjoy sketching, tinkering, and all things design. I believe innovation drives the world and I design each of my products to reflect that philosophy.