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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

MERA: Mobile Health Care Facilities for Post Flood Disasters

Flooding is the most frequently occurring natural disaster in the world, resulting in loss of lives, injuries, and spread of disease in many regions worldwide. MERA provides flooded regions with access to health care in local areas where health care is limited or inaccessible. It is a temporary collapsible unit that can be easily transported and deployed into any flooded region. The collapsibility of the unit creates an efficient deployment and pack-up process for the user. During the deployment period, the ability for short distance water travel to and from flooded areas provides local citizens with available medical aid for minor illnesses and injuries. MERA provides a safe and private space for flood disaster victims to receive medical aid from trained health care workers.

About the Designer

Emilie Fung, Humber College

I believe that design is a large factor that could help improve the world’s environmental health. I am inspired by nature and all the wonderful things that it offers and would like to explore more sustainable methods through design.