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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Mobula: Sustainable Sargassum Removal: A water vessel that focuses on collecting the sargassum from the ocean to convert it to biofuel.

Since 2011, sargassum accumulation on the Mexican Caribbean coastlines has worsened due to human activities like fertilizer use, deforestation, and chemical runoffs. This creates a nutrient-rich environment for sargassum growth. The accumulation of sargassum harms ecosystems and disrupts tourism industry. Hotels suffer revenue loss due to the decaying sargassum’s odor and health effects on tourists. Efforts to remove sargassum have been insufficient, and improper disposal of the algae risks polluting underground water sources. In addition, sargassum workers are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals and harsh environments. Sargassum, however, has the potential to be used in different consumer products, offering a solution to repurpose the algae and create a sustainable alternative. Mobula offers to gather vast amounts of sargassum from the open sea and ferry it to a land-based plant facility through autonomous means for the purpose of converting it into biofuel. This turns a problem into an opportunity for a green initiative in the local region.


About the Designer

Maximiliano Garcia Sosa, Humber

Hi, I’m Max Garcia, I’ve always been passionated about creating things from scratch and love the limitless creativity design can bring. My goal is to craft products that not only look amazing but also improve lives. I believe good design can truly make a difference, and that’s what drives me to be the best designer I can be.