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ACIDO Rocket Disruptor Award presented by Design1st

Nike Sole Creator: The Next Step in Footwear Evolution

Nike Sole Creator is a strategic future proofing system innovation that reimagines the footwear industry by integrating foresight research, circular design, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and bio principles of sustainability into a localized commercial footwear system for the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in the year 2040.

Nike Sole Creator enables users to create custom 3D printed circular designed footwear that evolves with them throughout their lifetime based on their personal biometric algorithms. The decentralized approach to production and recycling incentivizes consumers to participate in a gamified circular economic system that reduces environmental impact and economic issues caused by international supply chains and climate change.

The strategy aims to address our environmental, economic, social, and human-centered issues resulting from current systems and products by developing a service that emphasizes health, empowerment, and self-sufficiency, while demonstrating a public commitment to sustainability, social innovation, and “protecting the future of sport”.


About the Designer

Ryan Carney, OCADU

Ryan is driven by a passion for understanding systems and artifacts that shape human behaviors and experiences. Focusing on human-centered, social, and environmental issues, Ryan aims to create holistic, and inclusive solutions utilizing his experience in product design, data-centric human-centered design, strategic foresight, and prototyping with a diverse range of materials and technologies.