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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Number 3

Math is at the core of disparities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). There are many social, economical, and cultural issues for disparities and my project tackles the social area. The most common cycle for disparities in math is between students and teacher, predominantly in the female population. This is where a teacher will project their own negative feelings of math onto their students, causing them to avoid math areas and the ones that become teachers continue the cycle. 
The game teaches grade 8 students through emotional play and exploration. By doing so it creates a new experience for students to rethink about math and reduce social stigmas. Users will play with different toys for exploration, which will create new variables. They must then figure out the equation of that variable. The goal of the ‘game’ is to find and solve all the different variable puzzles.

About the Designer

Alexander Levstein, Carleton University

I’m a growing Industrial Designer from Carleton University. I believe in creating and marketing innovative products driven by user experiences.