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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Otherland.io: A Digital Legacy Platform

To my great, great grandchildren,

I figured you’d one day come to explore my digital footprints. I hope this message finds you.

I’ve been given the honour and privilege of exhibiting work in the ACIDO Rocket exhibit, year 2021. My project Otherland.io explores a future where death isn’t the end; where our contributions to the internet stand as vivid representations of us for generations to come, and the internet is used to connect people not only over space, but over time.

I designed a product that conglomerates one’s data across platforms and imprints it into a hashed token, rendering it immutable and regenerative. This data can then be brought to life through an open-source experience library at https://www.otherland.io/.

My child, I haven’t met you, nor do I know your accomplishments. What I know is that I live through you now. Thank you for keeping me alive.

About the Designer

Aryeh Bookbinder, OCAD University

Aryeh is an OCAD U graduate of Industrial Design, a passionate storyteller and a writer who plans to use his design powers for good and not evil. His work ranges from traditional product design to speculative and digital futures.