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ACIDO Rocket Innovation Award (Healthcraft+)

PELTO: A less cognitively demanding way to interface with your mobile device while driving.

Current hands-free solutions have not yet been sufficiently designed for dual-tasking in the environment of a vehicle. My project aims to reduce the cognitive demand of certain tasks through the understanding of human cognition. PELTO provides users with a Tangible User Interface (TUI) that facilitates specific gestures and actions using metaphors and existing mental models.


About the Designer

Nate Wiersma, Carleton University

My passion for Industrial Design stems from the exhilarating process of design, where problems spark curiosity, curiosity becomes knowledge, knowledge manifests ideas and the massaging of ideas becomes innovation. As a designer, I must consider the entire system and create products that improve the lives and experiences of those who interact with them without disrupting another environment.