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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Park Clean: Trash Collection and Management in Public Parks

Trash in nature can destroy ecosystems as it pollutes water sources, harms wildlife, and degrades the beauty of an area. Every piece of trash taken away to be recycled or deposited in a landfill means there is one less dangerous item. Volunteer cleanups happen worldwide and there are many risks in the process, like navigating the unpredictable landscapes and the potentially hazardous pieces of trash each person interacts with. The problem definition of this concept specifically addresses the physical needs of volunteer users in these harsh conditions when partaking in trash removal efforts. The product family, including Ringo, Mimo and Concho, was developed to solve small-scale ergonomic interactions of individuals, and the large-scale problems of waste management in parks using a systems approach. Sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of this concept as the United Nations recognizes litter cleanups as an efficient way of waste reduction in natural and public spaces.


About the Designer

Alec Freda, Humber

I want to make the world a better place by working with a small team, making a big difference. I desire to grow within an inspiring teamwork environment. With a background in entrepreneurship, professional photography and ecology conservation, I have a unique perspective and a wish to bring the best values and practices into design to improve how we make products and how we live with the world.