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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Polymath Synthesizer: Multiple disciplinary resources for more robust conceptual frameworks in design.

Polymath Synthesizer seeks to reform the way in which design is practiced by encouraging deviation from traditional methodologies and engaging material from multiple disciplines, promoting more robust conceptual frameworks.

The mission is to expedite innovation by inviting and encouraging dynamic Mutli-, Inter- and Transdisciplinary conversations. This will be achieved by creating, archiving, and exploring diverse material made widely accessible with the intention of inspiring individuals to embrace the potential that their unique knowledge base and passions can effectively change their world and that of others when applied to design practice.

Design is an instinct, it is how we answer needs, it is the cause for and result of human experience. Polymath Synthesizer is a petition for more diversity, vulnerability and humanity from the aspiring and practicing designer.

In this initial iteration, material will draw from the arts, specifically the rich legacies of Jazz music, Representational Abstract art, Poetry and Comedy.


About the Designer

Natasha Bianca Alksnis, OCAD University

Working as an artist with an academic background in arts criticism, philosophy and cognitive sciences, my design practice is primarily critical. Design is language, and as such, a fundamental mode for information inference and transmission. I am interested in interaction design and shaping individual and collective perceptions and experiences of reality.