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ACIDO Rocket Consumer Product Award presented by Swave Studios

ReCess: Dyslexia Tutoring Pod for Schools

Reading and writing are fundamental skills for every child to be successful in our society. With dyslexia affecting numerous Canadians, the need is there to make sure every child is able to read and write well. Young dyslexic children aged eight to twelve, are especially prone to experiencing the frustrations learning to read gives. While there are assistive technologies for helping children read, comprehend what is being read, and speech to text software – these really only assist the children, rather than teach them proper literacy skills. ReCess is a tutoring pod that brings the specialized teachings of the Orton-Gillingham method directly to the schools – where it is accessible to all dyslexic students. It provides the necessary support to the dyslexic students through multisensory learning and AI tutoring.


About the Designer

Harry Cotaras, Humber

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I moved to Toronto to complete my design education. I find inspiration in nature, architecture, and the shared human connection – with my practice being rooted in process driven, evidence based design. My goal is to design products, and experiences, that provide people with a sense of awe and contentment.