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ACIDO Rocket “1st Place Winner,
Health and Wellness Award presented by SHEPPiD,
The Agency Award presented by Fredicus”

Rhythm: Music-Inspired Fitness Solution for Seniors

Sedentary lifestyles have been increasing among senior adults and contribute to increased rates of falls, premature mortality, obesity, and other health risks. Inactive lifestyles can reduce seniors’ functional mobility, decrease their quality of life (QoL), and increase their chances of losing their independence. Rhythm is a smart and gamified fitness equipment set for seniors that uses music, lights, and haptic feedback to inspire movement and exercise. The solution provides a convenient way for seniors to strength train to maintain muscle mass and functional mobility. Rhythm implements elements of activities that seniors already enjoy, such as social time, music, and creative outlets to improve their exercising experience. In addition, Rhythm provides safety features to reduce barriers to exercising, such as fear of falling. The set includes four products: a workout bench, fitness mat that uses robotic fabric, a fitness ring, and dumbbells.


About the Designer

Melissa Stocco, Humber

I found industrial design after completing a degree at UWaterloo in Sociology. I ended up working in e-learning where I developed digital media for online courses. I enjoyed being creative in my work and wanted to push myself further to have a career in design. I love taking on new challenges, problem-solving, and adding elements of enchantment to my designs.