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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

STOA: Ethical Social Commerce Platform

STOA is a social commerce platform that aims to redefine our relationship with data in the age of online commerce. By embracing zero-party and consent-based first-party data, we’re able to create a community-driven experience that prioritizes human interaction over invasive third-party data practices. This new approach empowers us to take control of our data, devices, and social spaces, allowing us to connect with each other in more meaningful ways. This project aims to explore the limitless potential of a more human-centered digital world.

About the Designer

Tyler Williams, OCADU

Meet Tyler, a multidisciplinary designer with a focus in user experience, interaction design, data-driven systems thinking & foresight. Tyler is excited about the potential of technology to create new, truly human experiences. Through his work, he seeks to bridge the gap between people and technology and create a future that’s as beautiful as it is functional.