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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Sensory Squad: Toy Design

The Sensory Squad are a collection of toys that bring the senses to life! Intended for the preschool age demographic of children 6 and under, these toys help the children interact and explore with the world as they navigate it for the first time. The sensory responses are charactered into distinct, relatable, and identifiable personalities and styles. Each character is designed to have a unique play pattern that leverages their sensory response in their design, allowing children to explore their senses through playing with the toy. Toys are often our first chances to explore our senses, and the Sensory Squad is here to help navigate their sensory exploration through play.

About the Designer

Jason Cheng, OCAD University

Jason Cheng is an Industrial Design Student at OCAD University with a passion for toy and play design. His work focuses on leveraging play patterns in toys in order to create meaningful experiences that encourage play in the user.