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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Shift: Screen and side table

A survey from April 2020 estimated that 34% of American workers were working from home (Forbes, 2020). Be it temporary or indefinite, this change has created the need for adjustments in the way space and furniture are used at home. Particularly challenging for those working and living in smaller shared dwellings.

Shift is a two piece design that augments seating areas in the home into more productive work environments. Intended for young professionals who predominantly work from a laptop, the product provides privacy from the visual and auditory distractions associated with small open plan living spaces. The product “shifts” your mindset and focus, bringing new purpose to pre-existing space and furniture.

About the Designer

Wakako Yamaguchi, Sheridan College

Wakako is an industrial design graduate often finding inspiration from the people and environment around her. She is always looking to explore what intuitive but playful solutions will come about through the design process.