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Entro Storytelling Award


SpeakUp: Workstation for Children’s Speech Therapy

SpeakUp is an ergonomic workstation for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who work with children. It improves the overall experience of speech therapy through its specialized design. It features a designated ‘work and play’ zone for both the child and the SLP, height-adjustable options for different working heights, multiple storage options and other unique features that create a more comfortable and interactive speech therapy session for both the child and the adult.

About the Designer

Lauren D’Souza, Humber College

My passion for art and design, as well as my interest in science and tech, led me to this path in life. The world of design and how we interact everyday with objects, as well as how they aid and contribute to what we do, fascinates and inspires my creative side daily.

Lauren’s website is at http://www.laurendsouza.xyz/