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Design1st Market Research Award

Stowaway: Collapsible Cycling Helmet

Stowaway is a helmet that provides convenience to commuting cyclists by collapsing into a form factor perfect for storage in bags, totes, and briefcases.

Each year, hundreds of cyclists are fatally injured in accidents and tens of thousands more suffer head trauma and concussions. However, over 2/3 of these cases could have been prevented had the cyclist worn a helmet.

Through an abundance of primary research in the form of observation, surveys, and interviews, it was clear that especially among bike share users and casual cyclists, the storage bulk and incompatibility with their commuter gear was the main reason helmets weren’t worn.

The goal of the project was to create a helmet that respected the storage space and carrying capacity of a cycling commuter, in a simple-to-manufacture design in order to encourage helmet use among those who don’t, and mitigate the inconveniences for the cyclists that do.

About the Designer

Mickey Wang, Sheridan College

Mickey is an inquisitive and pragmatic industrial designer who enjoys problem solving through an iterative design process. By finding solutions in sometimes unconventional ways, he aims to inspire curiosity and fun in everyday products.