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ACIDO Rocket 3D CAD Award presented by Onshape PTC

Tern EVTOL: Solar Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Ultralight Aircraft for Overlanding Adventures

Overlanders are extreme vehicle camping/adventurers who value self reliance but unfortunately they are dependent on road/trail and fuel station infrastructure to access the wilderness. This is a problem because most of Canada’s beauty is inaccessible by existing roads and trails, so it is important to provide Overlanders with an effective way to reach these locations while meeting all the critical Overlanding values such as the ones emphasized by the tread-lightly movement. A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft is well poised to provide a similar overlanding experience, while opening up access to any Canadian terrain. A solar electric solution meets Overlander values of environmental stewardship and self reliance from infrastructure, enabling indefinite travel through previously inaccessible areas. With the Solar EVTOL framework established as a vehicle category to address the macro challenges, my “Tern” design goes further to address micro challenges of convenient sleep and shelter, and many other features unique to adventuring in the wild Canadian landscape.


About the Designer

Thomas Wiwchar, Carleton

I grew up in northern Ontario, enjoying outdoor adventures canoeing, sailing, and skiing with my parents and 5 sisters. I enjoy painting, making music, and aviation. I am passionate about mastering the latest tools like AI and VR to incorporate them into my workflow. I believe my peers and I can help create a better world because my education has equipped me with methods to solve wicked problems.