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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Uber Skills: Skills monetization and professional network building platform for migrant Uber drivers

There are thousands of foreign qualified skilled immigrants who are driving Uber for their livelihood. Many of these skilled immigrant drivers have unregulated skills, but they can’t find work opportunities in their relevant occupations due to lack of local work experience, professional networking, and connections. Uber Skills is a digital design solution that provides skills monetization and network building opportunities for migrant Uber drivers. Uber drivers can showcase their original skills through Uber platform to their riders and in the community. Through Uber skills riders can create work opportunities for migrant Uber drivers, which help drivers to gain local work experience. Riders can also help drivers to grow their professional network to make their presence known in the community as skilled professionals. Riders can also get benefit from drivers’ unutilized skills to get their job done in a convenient manner. Uber skills is social development initiative that would alleviate the effects of “Taxi/Uber driver syndrome” in the society by removing barriers that hinder skilled migrant drivers from career and professional growth.

About the Designer


Usman is an industrial designer from OCAD university who is passionate about design research and creative thinking. His creative process is focused on human-centered design and emerging trends. He is eager to create meaningful products and innovative design solutions.