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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Unicare: Simplicity in Health

Unicare is a platform for hospitals, healthcare workers, patients, and research organizations to address pressing issues within the Canadian healthcare space.
Currently, our hospitals are experiencing issues both related to workers and logistics. These include insufficient staffing, staffing shortages, mass burnout, aging workforces, and physical/emotional fatigue. These internal problems undermine the health and safety of the public, especially by causing dangerously high wait times in our emergency rooms nationwide.

This project aims to develop an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with collaborative team-based care, resulting in hospitals that prioritize both data and human needs. Unicare’s vision is to enhance patient outcomes by fostering a more favorable working environment for healthcare professionals, while creating useful experiences for patients.

Overall, Unicare’s goal is to revolutionize the healthcare industry by delivering better experiences for everyone involved through informed decision-making.

About the Designer

Colin LeBlanc, OCADU

Colin is a product designer specializing in UX, design research, and creative problem-solving. He uses technology and design to create digital experiences that help users and businesses from practical and experiential perspectives. Colin is committed to using human-centered design to create new opportunities and make people’s lives easier.