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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Vigilo: Police Communication & Safety Gear

Law enforcement can be a very dangerous line of work, with over hundreds of officer injuries and fatalities each year in North America. According to FBI statistics, many casualties are the result of firearms- and traffic-related incidents, with many more being accidental. Some trends indicate rising gun violence as a cause, with others citing militarization as a precursor. Public perception is also mixed, with many cases of improper use-of-force. Through research, video user observations, and advisor interviews, a better understanding was gained on law enforcement and their experiences in high-stress scenarios. Law enforcement officers perform a crucial role in helping to keep communities safe and respond to criminal activity, and Vigilo aims to enhance the officer’s ability to perform their duty in dangerous situations.

About the Designer

Andrew Liu, Humber College

I have always been a more visual person, passionate about cars, bikes, and sketching since childhood. I pursued art and graphic design in an attempt to further this interest, but after a certain point, I felt that something wasn’t connecting. During that time, I also discovered how much I enjoy being able to help others and improve their experiences. That’s when I was introduced to industrial design, where I could put my passion and skills to practice. Whether it’s designing a vehicle, a handheld device, or just helping someone else with their design, I’ve found an outlet to make a difference on those around me.