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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Wobble is a balanced based learning tool to encourage children to play, learn the principles associated with movement, promote fundamental skills for healthy development, and develop all the aspects necessary for movement competency. Integrated technology within each of the Wobble pebbles tracks and measures the child’s position and translates this information to a digital platform that the children engage with. This product system consists of 4 products, the wobble pebbles, a motion sensor, a charging mat, and finally a digital platform. The key to Wobble’s success is that it allows children to learn while playing!

About the Designer

Hannah Goss, Carleton University

I believe that a great designer is compassionate, focuses on the needs of the user first, creates products that provide solutions to real world problems, and tries to create sustainable products with a smaller ecological footprint. My passion is designing products for children because the design process allows me to be whimsical, imaginative, and explore products that will help children learn more about themselves, the world, and essentially help shape the future generation.