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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

YC Early Start: Discover the Possibilities of You.

Disruption is the norm and uncertainty is certain. An entrepreneur needs to be get comfortable with uncertainty and leveraging disruptions to create something of value to the society. The journey of becoming an entrepreneur, if started early and guided, can help with challenging mental models and becoming aware of possibilities of self.

YC Early start, a service to scaffold the journey of becoming an entrepreneur by starting early during university itself. The service consists of four streams – self- awareness, disruption, mentor-ship and network/connect. Through play, practice, reflection and guidance becoming (an entrepreneur) is made possible.

About the Designer

Muthulakshmi Rajagopal Valarmathy, OCADU

Muthulakshmi is a designer who brings her diverse skill sets to research, make sense, frame, communicate and co-create actionable things. She is keen on creating meaningful experiences and systems by taking eco-centric perspectives.