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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

ZEROCODE: A smart stretcher mattress system.

A silent crisis is developing in the medical industry; offload delay is rising. Offload delay begins 30 mins after a paramedic team arrives at a receiving hospital and signifies the time elapsed before paramedics hand over patient care to the hospital. The delay keeps paramedics in hospitals, reducing the number of available paramedics responding to a city’s emergencies. Occasionally, all paramedics within a city will become unavailable; this is sometimes referred to as a CODE 0. At the same time, the demand for emergent patient transfer is increasing. Additionally, in busy emergency departments, effective communication between paramedics and medical professionals can begin to break down, possibly leading to delays later. Finally, cleaning and filing medical charts can further delay the paramedic team. The ZEROCODE system increases the efficiency of multiple patient transfer components, including reducing the number of wires connected to patients and storing and transferring patient data in real-time.


About the Designer

Raymond Daniel, Humber College

Hi, I’m Ray, a fourth-year Industrial Design student at Humber College in Toronto. The design process is so intriguing to me: a rigid methodology that organizes the chaos of creativity.