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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

A Corporeal Instrumentality Project: Interventions towards a body-centred reckoning

A Corporeal Instrumentality Project encompasses a series of speculative design artifacts and interventions which propose alternative methods for reckoning space, time, and other dimensions through the body. These take the form of instruments (tools for reckoning) which are “hacked” to substitute cardinality for corporeality—for example, a wristwatch where the second hand advances not with the steady vibration of a quartz crystal, but at the variable rhythm of a heartbeat. Step-by-step tutorials for this watch (as well as similar projects) are shared openly on a wiki, welcoming participants to give them a try and even to contribute their own creations. Along the Situationist critique, the meta-project celebrates the creativity and curiosity of Makers as a driving force for interventionism at an individual scale, while leveraging the collective, grassroots impulse of Maker Culture to challenge endemic structuralisms in how we quantify the world around us.

About the Designer

Allen Wang, OCAD University

As a designer, I apply unorthodox modes of thinking to explore problems at the heart of human experiences. Much of my favourite work draws inspiration from Situationism, a broad schema in the humanities, and nostalgic sentimentalisms.

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