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ACIDO Rocket Innovation Award presented by Canadian Tire

AERUS: Avalanche Survival Unit

ÄERUS provides its user with a heightened chance to endure an avalanche when exploring the rough-cut back country terrain as an avalanche survival unit. By utilizing every opportunity to increase the chance of survival, ÄERUS allows the wearer to float aloft the avalanche, curb common injuries, and seek attention from anyone nearby. All while staying safe and warm awaiting post-avalanche search and rescue efforts.

About the Designer

Anthony Grguric, Humber

Making it to this point enriches my dream of becoming an industrial designer since I was 11. I’ve gained the knowledge to produce creative, appealing, functional, feasible, and manufacturable designs. I strive to create concepts that are not destined to only be on paper, but instead enrich the lives of users. I hope to see my designs become an integral part of peoples lives one day.