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AIM: Arctic Ice Pack Research

AIM is an approach to scientific research in the Arctic Circle, attempting to quantify the effects of warming global temperatures. Climate change is at the forefront of political and social agendas all around the world. While we seek to understand its effects further innovative approaches to gathering relevant data must be established. AIM encompasses this vision by enabling the user to gather data from areas that were previously unreachable. AIM also seeks to provide a timeline for the future consequences of CO2 emissions by tracking ice flow and depletion. Currently, the Arctic Circle is vastly unexplored and its threats unknown. This research project hopes to combat these issues while attempting to answer key environmental questions that are being asked. Arctic ice matters, its implications have a reaching effect that touch world economics, weather patterns, the spreading of disease and animal life. It is time to act, it is time to AIM.

About the Designer

Joshua Solomon, Humber College

I am a passionate and driven individual, mindful of the social responsibility we all carry towards our world and each other. I appreciate the interdisciplinary approach to problem solving that designers utilize and I look forward to new opportunities where I can share in this approach.