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ACIDO Rocket

Awards of Speciality: Teknion Social Responsibility Award

Awards of Speciality: Swave Studios Consumer Product Award


Art is an outlet for independent expression. After months of participant observation in the studio, I pinpointed the areas where artists lost their autonomy and needed assistance: difficulties mixing paint colours and cleaning their paint brushes without causing damage. The tools in the altera kit allow artists with cognitive and dexterous disabilities to work more independently. The tools have been designed to lead the user along the correct path and support the artists’ creative work-flow. This simplifies their tasks, and reduces the need for facilitators’ assistance. Throughout this project the artists and facilitators provided valuable feedback which contributed to defining product details.



About the Designer


Alicia Stewart, Carleton University

As a new grad I look forward to bridging my passion for problem solving and hands on work but furthermore turning it into a career. The prospect of being able to help others through design is extremely motivating, and I hope that during my career it becomes more then just the motivation but a reality.