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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

AlwaysAble: Enhancing senior mobility

The aging population strains the healthcare system, prompting a shift towards preventative care. Encouraging seniors to stay active benefits their physical and mental health and can reduce loneliness if physical activities are conducted in group settings. However, many seniors struggle to stay active, worsening health outcomes. This thesis aimed to design a mobility-enhancing product to make exercise easier for seniors. Research on senior lifestyles, abilities, and interests guided the design process. Initially focusing on outdoor activities, it evolved to improve senior mobility in general. The resulting product has the potential to transform senior exercise, enhancing their quality of life and alleviating strain on the healthcare system.

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About the Designer

Jasmine Joaquin, Humber

Hi there! If you were to know one thing about me, you would know that I always go above and beyond. This can apply to school, but it also applies to other things in my life such as my jobs, hobbies, and relationships. Continuously pushing myself to do more than people expect is an essential part of who I am, and it helps me learn new things every day.