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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Apple Mindfulness: Mindfulness achieved through Reflection & Communication.

Stay balanced with The Mindfulness App on WatchOS. Find Focus through reflection by breathing, tune into the world around you by vocalizing and communicate effectively through pronunciation. 

Breathe on the Apple Watch uses beautiful, simple visuals and haptic cues to guide people to bring attention to their breath. The experience of focus through mindfulness cannot be shown or shared extrinsically, it can only be felt intrinsically. Beyond guiding, there is little to no interactivity with mindfulness apps. This serves as a great launching point to use available inputs on wearables for mindfulness exercises and push Apple’s mindfulness experience forward. Chanting and vocalization are ancient practices that have helped many. Not only do vocal exercises prepare us for communicating, but they also create a sense of confidence.

The objective is to enhance, expand and redefine people’s lives through mindfulness by seamlessly integrating software, hardware and services.


Apple Mindfulness


About the Designer

Farzad R.Sadeghi, OCAD University

I believe we have lost connection with our self-described idea of self and that the pressures and demands of modern life have left us alone, not fully calibrated to our Spiritual & Physical bodies. Through Mindful and humanity centred design, I seek to balance the world around me.