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ACIDO Rocket Finalist


Apteryx is a concrete breaching multi-tool that shortens the time it takes for search and rescue workers to reach victims. It was developed for structural collapses in earthquake zones. Apteryx navigates through rough, uneven terrain, along side the user with the user guiding it with a single hand. This relieves the stress and exhaustion users endure when transporting heavy equipment. Apteryx also features dual cameras so users have clear sight lines to the target, and beyond. An infrared camera allow the user to see beyond the surface of the structure to any potential dangers they might encounter and helps the user avoid hazards. The fully adjustable controls adapt to the user creating an ergonomic and effortless user experience.

About the Designer


Carlin Mantynen

I am a graduating industrial design student from Humber College. I enjoy working with my hands and creating experiences that help develop and grow younger generations.