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ACIDO Rocket Third Place

Designforce Market Ready Award

Aqua Iris Hand Paddle: Aquatic training device with adjustable resistance

The Aqua Iris Hand Paddles are the first iteration in a line of aqua aerobics training equipment. Incorporating the iris diaphragm similar to that in a camera lens into a set of hand paddles allows for variable resistance while training. Assessing the equipment involved in aquatic exercises I found there was limited ability to adjust the level of difficulty, compared to working out at the gym where you can adjust the weight applied for most exercises. Through researching different equipment and concepts I finally came to incorporating the iris diaphragm mechanism into a set of hand paddles. Creating multiple prototypes, I assessed the form in both how it feels in the hand (ergonomics) and how it performs in the water. The Aqua Iris Hand Paddles allow fast adjustment of the resistance for competitive swimmers working in all different strokes, and for aqua aerobics stationary exercises.

About the Designer

Harrison Marsland , Carleton University

I am a hands-on designer who enjoys creating meaningful products from concept to reality. I am motivated by collaborating with others to innovate products that create functional, accessible, and impactful solutions.

His website can be found at https://Hdmars.ca/