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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Armadillo PCA: The Armadillo PCA (Position Capture Arc) is a safety tool addressing risks involved in confined space rescue.

The Armadillo PCA (Position Capture Arc) is a safety tool addressing the phenomenon of voids in the event of structural collapse. Search and rescue relies on voids in rubble, allowing for the survival of entrapped victims. By evaluating the risks of confined space rescue I came to the conclusion that the stabilization of debris is imperative for ensuring the safety of rescue workers and victims alike, this is the basis of my design. The Armadillo PCA is a specialized stabilization tool, utilizing a simple form, the expanding arc. Meant to warp under the downward force and lateral tension of rubble, the stress reinforces the supportive structure of the arc by forcing its teeth into an interlocking position, locking the rubble in place, helping stabilize the void for a safe extraction. My goal was creating a rescue device that is simple in use, set up and dismantling, able to be deployed one at a time by individual responders but used in tandem, the Armadillo PCA is a support device for a wide range of rescue operations.


About the Designer

Stefan Alexander, Sheridan

Stefan Alexander is a Toronto based industrial designer specializing in 3D modeling and texturing. His love for exploring the possibilities that the 3D medium affords pushes his projects in development of form and function, edging into the realm of engineering. He hopes to work in game development designing digital assets, utilizing his accumulated skills in modeling and texturing in the future.