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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Aureum: Modular Nail Station: Modular nail station suited for every workstyle.

“Current workstations in nail salons do not accommodate the working conditions of nail technicians. Designed for the comfort of the client, manicure tables and pedicure chairs often lack a comfortable working and storage space for nail technicians. Working in these types of spaces for prolonged periods of time have caused work-related injuries that are ergonomic, physical, and biological in nature to occur in technicians and worsen overtime.

Aureum responds to these issues by providing a comfortable, accessible, and efficient space for technicians to work in that suits their habits and preferences.”


About the Designer

Hannah Dumancas, Humber

Hannah is a designer who values creativity, empathy, and communication. As both an artist and industrial designer, she strives to create appealing products that make people happy.