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ACIDO Rocket Finalist

Auto Cast: A portable cast application machine capable of rapidly administering treatment, addressing the lack of of trained medical specialists in rural areas.

In rural areas, limited medical facilities and a shortage of specialists present barriers to timely and adequate, medical care. Long travel times for treatment can result in delayed healing and a higher chance of complications. Rural medical centers typically use traditional plaster or fiberglass casts for treating bone fractures, which requires specific training and can lead to patient discomfort, disrupting daily activities. Enter, the Auto Cast: a portable automatic casting device to be used in resource-scarce settings. It allows a wider range of healthcare providers to apply casts precisely, addressing the shortfall of specialist care. This innovation promises to improve treatment outcomes, enhance access to quality care, and support health equity in underserved areas.

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About the Designer

Daniel Rowland, Humber

I’m an Industrial Designer who loves delving into CAD, model making, and manufacturing to bring ideas to life. Not just technical, I thrive in the creative realm of sketching, material selection, and color play. Most importantly, I prioritize sustainable design, ensuring our creations are beneficial for the planet.