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AACIDO Rocket Finalist

Auto: Smart Car Key

Auto is a smart car key that simplifies transportation for older adults. This device provides orientation and time-management cues that coordinate seamless transportation experiences. The key can be used by drivers, however the device is also compatible with various transport services for non-driving users. This project also explores the role of the device in future scenarios as autonomous vehicle technology advances. The Auto key is paired with an app where passengers can book rides and manage appointments. Using the app, caregivers can book rides for their loved ones, as well as track their location to ensure their loved ones are attending their appointments. Ultimately, Auto is designed to help older adults with cognitive decline remain mobile and maintain their independence.


Auto Auto


About the Designer

Sophie Nakashima, Carleton University

Sophie is a Carleton Industrial Design student interested in using design to envision inclusive futures. She pursues meaningful design through tackling complex problems and connecting with users firsthand to find impactful solutions.