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Rocket Finalist

Balance: Ambient Lighting System

It is a subtle method of delivering the essential information (heart rate level) of the baby while sleeping; to maximize the time and activities to create an ambient yet soothing experience for new and anxious parents. By optimizing light and sound to create calming overall mood, which symbolizes for a different state of the baby; different from conventional methods which may be overwhelming and create more stressful for already handful parents. To focus on well-being and to promote supportive activities that can help along with the changes in the new life-styles. Not only for the new parents but also for an overall healthier lifestyle for the whole family.

About the Designer

Anthony Choi, OCAD University

Hello! my name is Anthony Choi; Toronto based industrial designer studying at OCAD University, who wishes to create a world better place one step at a time. Currently passionate toward healthcare / personal care products and everyday products for people who are in need.